Domestic window tinting could be anything from; frosting your bathroom, privacy film for your bedroom, glare reduction for your TV or UV reduction for your priceless décor, floor coverings or furniture.

Did you know we have solutions for skylights?

Domestic and commercial window tinting can provide a clear OR glare reducing layer of film that rejects and protects from

  • Harmful UV rays.
  • Unwanted attention.
  • Excessive solar energyFade and discoloration

We understand your home is your safe place, so we treat it as our own with a level of care you should expect. Our film consultants provide a face to face, proposal aiming for a solution to your home windows. YOU decide, through our expert advice and guidance.


Trying to achieve day to day Privacy can become uncomfortable and secluded. who wants the blinds up during the day?

A common miss understanding is that window tinting will make your home too dark.
Every home is different, and every solution is different. We provide you with all the examples and statistics to customise a proposal that’s suit your needs.


Our passionate team are dedicated to providing long term solutions to real problems in the domestic and commercial window tinting industry.

Lowering your energy bills is an ongoing strain BUT noticeable temperature changes occur when installing our energy rated window tinting.

Up to 83% of solar energy can be rejected from your windows, without making it feel like a cave, that’s a promise.

want to keep warmth in, in winter?

Our range of climate controllable films can retain up to 40% of heat in winter without clouding your optical clarity. It will save you money

More statistics?

99% of UVA and UVB rays are rejected, even with our clear films. Shopfronts love them because its an efficient and cost-effective solution to avoid display stock fading.

Ask our team about your free temperature assessment. We offer,

A money back guarantee if we can’t reduce the average room temperature. No sweat.

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