Can I tint my home windows?

Window tinting in your home is an efficient solution to a range of common house hold problems including,

  • Privacy film for your bedroom
  • Glare reduction for your TV
  • UV reduction for your priceless décor, floor coverings or furniture.

How do I clean my tinted windows?

We recommend using a 20\80 mixture of vinegar or metholated spirits and water.
This method ensures you get your windows streak free!

Using common house hold cleaners like Windex contain ammonia.
We highly DO NOT RECOMMENDED, Ammonia based cleaners don’t evaporate from the hard coat and over time will degrade the protective coating. This voids your lifetime warranty.

How do I know if my film is installed correctly?

Our knowledgeable staff are selected and trained to adhere to our core values and be key components that drive our mission.

During installation we encourage all questions big or small, we believe this leads to interesting conversations and provides you piece of mind that we understand or product and procedures.
All solutions are backed with an unlimited lifetime warranty for both workmanship and materials.

How long does home window tint last?

Cheap window films tend to breakdown in as little at 12 months, even if installed professionally. We recommend avoiding this short-term solution and only stock the highest quality films that come with an unlimited lifetime warranty.

High quality external films are warranted from 7-10 years though the elements may or may not break down the film in that time. All our external applications are edge sealed to ensure the longest possible lifespan.

Can or Can’t window tinting be removed?

Yes, though we do not recommend DIY.
Aged window film glue can be extremely aggressive. Removing this can easily scratch or even break your glass.

Our trained team know what to look for when accessing a film removal. We confidently do so in a safe and organised manner though this process can be time consuming.

How to stop mould growing on my home windows?

To reduce the likelihood of mould growing on your windows we recommend decluttering and airing out the window frame.

By installing window tinting in your home you are able to open up the space without feeling exposed. Installing a privacy film solution will encourage you to bring the outside air in. this reduces moister content near the glass, ultimately removing the likelihood of mould growth on your glass and window tracks.